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For over four decades Dr.Hauschka customers have enjoyed comfortable, radiant skin and as a result Dr.Hauschka is acknowledged as the original and best natural skin care brand. The consistent quality of Dr.Hauschka is achieved through a deep and authentic commitment to nature and mankind.

All Dr.Hauschka products carry the BDIH seal of 'Certified Natural Cosmetics' and are made from natural ingredients. With cultivation projects throughout the world, WALA can ensure that ingredients of the highest standard are always available in sufficient quantity. Using sustainable resource management, the ingredients are produced by either biodynamic or certified organic agriculture wherever possible, or are wild-harvested, enabling people in economically underdeveloped countries to determine their own future.

Dr.Hauschka is the brand name for the skin care range made by WALA Heilmittel GmbH. WALA is a very special company indeed, with the job of supporting people through Anthroposophical medicine and a special ownership structure called a 'Stiftung' that is like a Foundation. In other words, WALA can not be sold or bought and its profits do not go to shareholders.This special ownership structure was created in 1986 when the remaining founding owners of the WALA company decided to protect the company for all time and gave up their ownership to the 'Stiftung'.

Anthroposophical medicine is a system of medicine that was developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman in the 1920s. It extends the standard anatomical understanding that underlies modern medicine with a classification of the life processes that occur in us: body, soul and spirit. By understanding the growth and formative processes that flow through our physical bodies it is possible to gain a complete and holistic picture of the human being.

Out of this understanding of life-processes it is possible for medicinal remedies to be created from plants and herbs that can act as a guide to our own life-processes, to balance and harmonise them. Anthroposophical medicine views disease as coming from a disturbance or imbalance in the life-processes, and turns to its range of remedies, as well as a wide range of other therapeutic activities to counteract these imbalances and restore equilibrium and good health.

WALA is an economic success story, focussed and effective in business and yet free to be ethically and socially responsible. There are no shareholders demanding higher dividends so there is no pressure to maximise profits by cutting corners. It's ethical trading style was established from the outset, 70 years ago. Founded in 1935, WALA is now a multi-million pound business employing over 600 people around the world. There are also thousands of hectares of farmland all over the world providing raw ingredients for the Dr.Hauschka products in an environmentally responsible way, supporting the local communities in an economically sustainable way.

The Dr.Hauschka products were created out of this deep anthroposophical understanding of nature and the Human Being. They are made by a company that has a 100% commitment to quality - and no shareholders to compromise that commitment when it proves to be expensive. These special products are being sold around the world in ever growing volumes, because they work, because they make people's lives better: customers, co-workers, farmers and villagers around the world.

No Animal Testing

WALA have always attached particular importance to the responsible development and manufacture of their products in a way that harms nature as little as possible. This means that NO Dr.Hauschka Skin Care product has been tested on animals - either by WALA or by anyone else on their behalf.

When a new raw material is used in any of the products for the first time suppliers are required to certify that the raw materials have not been tested on animals at any time after 1 January 1998 either by the suppliers themselves, by any company associated with them or on their behalf.

During their development the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are extensively tested on volunteers selected from amongst the company's employees. In addition, before a new skin care product goes on the market, dermatological tests are performed on human volunteers by independent institutes. These tests confirm the good skin compatibility of the products.

Raw materials have to conform to high standards of quality and purity which, together with strict quality controls, ensure a very high level of safety and quality of the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products. In the context of the biodynamic cultivation of medicinal herbs and the certified organic farming practiced on WALA's own Demeter farm, WALA are committed to an ethical, sustainable and responsible approach to animals and to the entire ecosystem in which we live.