Laurel Recovery Balm
Laurel Recovery Balm
Soothe and Mend
Price: £68.00

Description Ingredients Instructions
  • All Skin Types for Face & Body
  • 100% Whole Plant Organic
  • 15 Beneficial Active Ingredients
  • 30ml

The Recovery Balm has become a cult favourite in the Laurel Skin line; one that has earned its rightful place in any medicine cabinet. It’s a remedy for practically any skin ailment, from extreme cases of eczema, perioral dermatitis and painful cystic acne, to sensitive allergy-prone skin, to the occasional cut, scrape or rash. This multi-functional balm reduces the appearance of redness, swelling, and irritation while offering up a therapeutic dose of whole plant goodness to jump-start and support the skin’s own healing process. In addition to being a medicine chest heal-all, this Balm is also a favourite anti-inflammatory facial moisturiser for those with reactive skin and considerable health concerns.