Laurel Abundant Harvest

The Abundant Harvest products are Laurels celebration of the bountiful gifts that nature provides.

Plants that naturally grow in abundance are the healthiest and most energetically vibrant, offering some of the most potent plant medicine both chemically and energetically for the skin.


Support for the Farmers and the Land
With this initiative, the Laurel team work with their small farm partners on a yearly basis to utilise and purchase what the farms have an abundance of each year due to the health and overgrowth of a crop yield.

This supports the farmers and their land and ensures that Laurel are protecting the planet by not using at-risk, over harvested botanicals.


Support for the Skin
Abundant Harvest supports the skin by offering highly active and effective yet nurturing ingredients. It represents a unique approach to professional line products.

Rather than use intentionally inflammatory ingredients found in many professional line products that exist today, such as chemical peels, isolated 'natural' acid peels or higher strength retinols, that work by invoking a cellular inflammatory response, a healing crisis of the skin or forced, manipulated cellular activity, Abundant Harvest uses pure plant medicine to communicate with and support the skins inherent cellular intelligence. Offering transformative results without compromising long-term skin health.

The conventional approach is not in alignment with Laurel Skin's supportive approach to long term skin health. These ingredients are removing cellular layers from the epidermis (top layer of skin) that are not fully dead, but rather still within their lifecycle. These cells are still communicating and they send distress signals to the dermis below. The dermis responds by sending its nutrient reserves to the epidermis for repair.

This prompts a rapid healing response that is often seen shortly afterwards as fresh, bright, clear more youthful skin. However this manipulation and depletion of the dermis accelerates  the ageing process over time, leading to limited, substandard cell proliferation. Both an intact epidermis and a thriving dermis are responsible for keeping our skin vital and healthy.

An additional concern of the harsh and abrupt removal of our top layers of cells, known as the acid mantle or lipid barrier, overlapping a bit like armour and home to our skin microbiome which are present to protect us. This removal leaves our skin vulnerable to infection, sun damage and trans-epidermal water loss. This pro-inflammatory approach is unnecessary on the path to optimal skin health and vibrant ageing.


A Herbal Apothecary
For an esthetician, this line is truly remarkable. It allows the treatment room to become a herbal apothecary with the ability to create bespoke facial compress blends and treatment masks to meet the unique needs of each clients skin. 


Plants to Support and Heal
The vibrant colours of these concentrated plant powders speak volumes of the potent antioxidants they contain. A vast variety of skin conditions and symptoms can be addressed and skin supported back to a state of vibrant health. 

Repair to skin barriers damaged by excessive exfoliation or over use of AHA’s and retinol can be achieved with the application of soothing, hydrating petals of Rose, antioxidant rich Cornflower and  strengthening and anti-inflammatory Chrysanthemum.

Dull, sallow, lifeless skin can be fed with a rich blend of superfood leaves such as nettle and rosemary to provide the building blocks for collagen and elastin and promote circulatory and lymph movement to decongest and promote cellular turnover.

Fruit enzymes act as catalyst for cellular activity brightening and balancing an uneven skin tone, flavonoids and carotenoids provide repair and protection from UV Rays.

Deeply hydrating roots such as marshmallow, ‘nature’s hyaluronic acid’, provide an intense boost of moisture. Roots are incredibly anti-inflammatory and assist in supporting lymphatic stimulation to decongest and support cystic acne. They also provide a source of nourishment to support the skins microbiome.


At different times skin can need a varying amount of some or all of these. The Abundant Harvest products allow me to asses what your skin needs on any particular day and prepare a blended compress and treatment mask specific to you.

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