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Last week the Laurel Skin team took a farm tour day. There is little that I am more proud of than our sourcing efforts as a small business - sharing these efforts with our team in a more intimate way made for a special day. 

The importance of sourcing, especially in the beauty space, has a huge impact on life as we know it. This article will share a bit about what mindful sourcing can do for us all.

Sourcing has the ability to support the health of our planet, immediately and directly. Pesticides and GMOs are a huge concern for me, along with their contamination of our waters and animal habitats all around the world. When we make the effort to support farms who are committed to farming without the use of poisons (and yes, if something is intended to harm an animal, plant, bug, or microbe then I will not sugarcoat calling it a poison) - when we support these farms and businesses who have the health of the Earth as a foundation of their efforts, we make immediate change. We make visible and tangible immediate change towards planetary health.

Pesticides impact soil health, which then affects our own gut health. And the run-off harms our planetary waters and the health of the ocean.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables can be considered luxury, and that is heartbreaking. Everything was organic before conventional was invented - yet we are so far removed from that reality, the mass populous lacks awareness around this simple truth. Sourcing, eating, and farming in a way that supports the health of the planet and all beings should never be a financial luxury.


Supporting Humanity

At a time in history when dehumanization and polarity are practically being forced upon the population, seeking human connection is more important than ever. We are able to positively impact humanity, ethical labor standards, and our shared connection through our sourcing efforts.

I can remember moments when child labor and unethical labor standards around the globe were touched on, and always quickly replaced in mainstream news stories. No one really wants to feel guilty about the shirt they are wearing, or lipstick they use everyday. I say: the guilt isn’t necessary or helpful - but seeing the truth is. We can’t always afford to buy things that are made in the most ethical way, but when we see the truth we are empowered to make better moment to moment decisions. I still shop at large big box chains, but I enjoy owning very little, knowing that I’m not contributing as much to that way of operating.

International and domestic farming are huge industries for unethical labor standards. In the US, migrant farm workers have very few rights - to even basic things like water or shade breaks. Internationally, the issues on this topic run the gamut, from child labor to forced labor.

At Laurel Skin, we source 80% of our ingredients domestically, which is unheard-of. We also source 90% of our ingredients farm direct, which again, unheard-of. This close contact with our growers ensures that we are only participating in the future world we want to see.

We advocate for our farmers profitability, by encouraging them to charge accordingly for their labor, so that they don’t try to financially compete with unethical operations. This is the difference between a $20 pound and $80 pound of Chamomile.

Knowing our farmers brings a sense of gratitude, raising the vibration of our products. The relationships that we built out of love directly affects every ingredient and bottle. We often hear that the vibration of our products can be felt. I hope you think about how many harvesting hands were involved next time you wash your face. This practice humbles me, and makes me feel more connected to my own humanity.


Support Our Skin

Our sourcing efforts essentially help me to take part in the future world that I wish to see. But what about our skin? Does mindful sourcing actually play a role in the beauty products we use?


The chemical composition of plants is altered depending on farming practices. Plants grown with organic farming practices can have anywhere from 20-60 percent higher specific antioxidant content, along with higher amounts of certain trace minerals.

Additionally, mindful farmer choices such as harvesting time, watering time, etc. all play a role in the plants phytochemical composition as well. Basically, every choice they make has the ability to make a difference. We share about these choices with our farmers - everything from what type of dryer we want them to use, to the exact stage we want the plant in when they harvest.

We make all of these choices in order to ensure we are making the most potent plant medicine possible, from a phytochemical perspective. Potent plant medicine means that we are making the most vibrant skincare possible, skincare that is capable of breathing new life back into our skin.

From our limited edition and professional use products, we have our Abundant Harvest program. With this initiative, we work with our farmers on a yearly basis to utilize what is flourishing most healthily on their farm.

These plants that naturalize and show up in unique ways each year are gifts from the Earth - offering some of the most potent medicine both chemically and energetically. In the image above, I am exploring one of our farms, looking for new plants to use for our Abundant Harvest program.

To recap this series, not only can our sourcing choices positively impact the health of both people and planet - they can also positively impact the health of your skin. It’s a win all around! 



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