What Is Gua Sha?


It is a traditional massage technique using a small flat tool. It originated in China where it has been used for centuries to support overall health, reduce the effects of ageing and enhance the skin. Traditionally any object with a smooth, flat surface could be used, often a simple soup spoon, and only those from noble families could afford to use gem stones.

Gua Sha stimulates the lymph system, removing waste and toxins, clearing stagnation to reduce dark circles, puffiness and inflammation. It can help to reduce clogged pores, supporting conditions such as rosacea and acne for a healthy clear complexion.

It increases flow of blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to skin, promoting the growth of new skin cells and stimulating production of collagen. The facial muscles are firmed and toned, lifting cheeks, eyes and jawline giving more definition creating a vibrant radiant glow at any age.

Regular Gua Sha treatments not only have physical benefit but can be deeply relaxing, encouraging a state of calmness. Practicing Gua Sha at home between treatments is a great way to incorporate some self-care into your weekly routine. You will become more centred strengthening your resilience supporting you towards a state of healing and rejuvenation.

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