Why Did I Choose Laurel?


Firstly Why Are Natural Ingredients So Important
It is a commonly held misconception that to achieve positive results in skin care, synthetic lab-created ingredients are necessary. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Lab-made ingredients are cheaper and easier to produce than real plants, they do not contain the hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients contained in raw unrefined whole plant ingredients. Synthetic ingredients use isolated vitamins and minerals and ignore the necessary cofactors present in plants that assist in the assimilation of those vitamins and minerals to produce the beneficial results we want. In short, there is simply no man-made ingredient that can compare to the delicate, intricate, and powerful science of nature.


My Quest For The Best
For years I had dreamed of providing treatments using preparations made with not only organic plants, but plants that had been minimally processed and were at their most vital and therefore potent state. Like the food we eat, we get the most health benefits when the ingredients are fresh, unproccesed and with no unnecessary additives, in the case of skin care, fillers, emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives.

I toyed with the idea of making my own. I have have a good plant knowledge, but knew I would need more than this to formulate preparations. But my real concern was being able to source the highest quality raw plant material, I didn't want of the shelf ingredient that many natural and organic formulators use. I wanted vibrant, vital plants that weren’t only organically farmed with integrity and sustainability, but would contain the potent life force of the plant, that would imbue the preparations with the highest efficacy, making them truly natural and wholly effective.

I had to accept that this was beyond my ability, but I was convinced it was possible, so my search began.

At Last I Found What I was Looking For

After what felt like a very long time I came across a herbalist who was doing just exactly what I’d dreamed of. Her name was Laurel Shaffer, her plant knowledge was incredible, she had passion and love for what she was creating and at the heart of it all was her commitment to sourcing the highest quality, organically grown, medicinal plants, direct from the growers themselves.

She was using only organic and biodynamic, ethical, sustainable and locally sourced plants. She had spent several years developing strong, personal relationships with the local organic artisan farm producers, to ensure that she only used plants of the highest potency in their raw, unrefined, whole plant state to produce vibrant effective preparations. She was using her knowledge of plants and science, eliminating all unnecessary fillers and processed ingredients to produce pure effective skin care.

I was so excited I had found someone who was doing exactly what I had dreamed of. But my excitement turned to disappointment when I realised that Laurel, whose herbal apothecary studio in Northern California, didn’t have a UK distributor and only sold her preparations in the US.

It took me a while, but I eventually decided I needed to investigate if it was possible for me to bring these delicious preparations direct from Laurel’s studio to my treatment room, an indeed to the UK. So to cut a long story short I now import Laurel Whole Plant Organics myself so I can share their incredible power and uniqueness with you.

I’m so delighted to be able to use such natural plant medicine preparations in my treatments and share with my beautiful clients.


What Makes Laurel Skincare So Unique
Laurel Shaffer is a true pioneer in the world of organic and biodynamic plant skincare. She and her small team of herbalists preserve the whole plants as nature intended to produce preparations abundant in skin nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants creating the most potent and effective skincare unmatched in its purity to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. 

The Laurel skincare collection is formulated with over 150 raw, unrefined whole plants. She works in close parterniship with local organic and biodynamic farmers, meeting with them regularly on the land.

The plants and freshly farm pressed oils are delivered direct to her apothecary. This is almost unheard of in the natural skincare industry where most producers and formulators buy ‘of the shelf’ oils, essential oils etc that may have been sitting in storage for many months even years! These delicate ingredients oxidise as they age losing their potency and worse producing free radicals.

By using whole plants Laurel is ensuring her preparations contain not just isolated vitamins, but the wealth of synergistic cofactors also present, that support the utilisation and effectiveness of theses important natural substances.

Laurel has taken plant science to a new level. She hasn’t allowed herself to be constrained by the expectations of the conventional cosmetic industry and instead has approached her craft by looking at what the incredible plant world has to offer and how she can harness their unique, natural and medicinal properties in the most beneficial way. 

  • Preparations are never diluted with water, (check the ingredient list of most other brands and you will see water as the most abundant ingredient!). 
  • There are no fillers or bulking agents which are added by other brands in an attempt to enhance the ‘feel' or texture. 
  • No unnecessary or skin irritating emulsifiers and preservatives. Laurel was unhappy with even the ‘natural’ alternatives to these ingredients, and true to inherent desire for whole plant ingredient, created her own. Olive wax in combination with organic vegetable lecithin and vegetable glycerine to emulsify and an organic whole plant citrus blend, rosemary and untraceable amount potassium sorbate, derived from fermented radish root (that also supports the skins microbiome) rather than any of the standard ‘natural’ preservatives available to formulators.


Plants are the strongest anti-ageing tools we have. Their abilities are not harnessed by dissecting them, diluting them, refining therewith chemicals or manufacturing their 'extracts' in masses - their power is in their purity.

Everything about Laurel skincare is done with love and respect. From the hand sowing of the seeds, the seasons it takes to grow the plants, to the months the handmade blends steep and macerate to the time spent bottling. 

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