Facial Oils

I fell in love with using a facial oil (and body oils), several years ago. I realised that the ‘extra’ ingredients required to make a cream moisturiser, to give them their texture, to hold the ingredients together and to prevent bacterial growth, things such as emulsifiers, binders and preservatives (even in natural products), weren’t there to benefit my skin, but there because its the only way a cream product can be produced.

My skin has always been a bit problematic (why I became an esthetician in the first place) and I realised that by avoiding these ‘extra’, dare I say unnecessary ingredients my skin looked and felt better. Because a facial oil contains no water, there is no need for emulsifiers and binding agents, bacteria is unable to grow, so no unnecessary preservatives.

When I first came across Laurel, I fell in love pretty quickly, it wasn’t hard to do, there is so much to love, but its the serums I want to talk about here. Made from the freshest cold pressed oils to ensure not just potency and safety, as oils over time will oxidise and produce free radicals, but to ensure their efficacy and vibrancy.

The ingredient of each of the four different facial oils are chosen to support specific conditions. I could go on but I think it’s best to let the expert Laurel, herself share with you the incredible wonderfulness that are the ‘Laurel Facial Serums’

Our Serums are the products our line is most known for.

1. The Serums are multi-process. They begin as whole fresh herbs arriving to our studio directly from our farmers, and then go through a 3 month maceration process that extracts both oil and water soluble nutrients.

2. Sourcing the best possible oils for our Serums is a constant. Fresh samples from new sources arrive weekly to our studio. It’s not at all uncommon for me to return an oil due to quality control. If there’s a better source, we are always looking to find it!

3. The most common concern at Laurel Skin with oils is potency and freshness. Lipids are sensitive to light and heat. Protecting them from harvest to bottle is not common industry practice. Even ‘cold pressing’ involves friction induced heat, which can make even our strongest sources vulnerable if they aren’t constantly attentive or using proper cooling techniques.

4. All of our Serums are non-comedogenic. We strongly encourage those who rely on the comedogenic scale to NOT do so when it comes to our products. Enzyme activity, microbiome diversity, lipid freshness, and refinement play HUGE roles in whether ingredients are comedogenic, yet they are not at all addressed. It’s about the formula, the source’s entire chemical composition, and the skin – NOT about the oil type.
5. All the essential oils present in our Serums are their for medicinal reasons and are micro-dosed. Unburden Serum contains the lowest quantity to be supportive of even the most reactive skin, while Sun Serum possesses the highest EO content. All our EOs are added for their medicinal properties, not to fragrance our products, and none of them have photosensitising properties.

6. Our Serums are made fresh WEEKLY, and maintain potency for 18 months unopened. They are this stable partly due to our Miron UV protective glass, and partly due to how the combination and network of phytonutrients work to support and strengthen each other.

The most common question we receive about them is how do you choose the right Serum for you? Their ingredients look similar, yet the subtle differences are actually large differences when you have very specific skin concerns.

All of our Serums are paths to healthy skin, but they each have a different set of symptoms they focus on. Here is a brief guide on skin symptoms per Serum:

BALANCE: oily skin, large pores, congested pores, consistent breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, perioral dermatitis, fine lines, lacklustre skin, lack of firmness

UNBURDEN: reactive skin, broken capillaries, cystic or swollen painful acne, perioral dermatitis, irritations, redness, dry patches or uneven dryness, eczema, puffiness, oedema, stagnation, damaged skin barrier, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, lacklustre skin

SUN: fine lines, thin skin, lacklustre skin, hyperpigmentation, dryness, sun lovers, uneven skin tone, loss of collagen and elasticity, rough texture, moderate inflammation, occasional breakouts

ANTIOXIDANT: fine lines, lacklustre skin, rough skin texture, loss of collagen or elasticity, dryness, moderate hyperpigmentation, moderate acne, moderate inflammation, damaged skin barrier, stagnation, puffiness, thin skin

Our Antioxidant Serum can be the most confusing because it appears to be the least specific. Haven’t we already addressed all those symptoms with the other 3 Serums? Exactly, we have. ‘Normal’ skin can experience all of these skin concerns in any given month! With 31 whole plants containing thousands of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes the Antioxidant Serum is the most well-rounded form of nutrition for radiant skin health. The other Serums help your skin address those more concentrated specific symptoms to eventually able you to just use Antioxidant Serum. It’s like your skin graduated, and now its only goal is to BE VIBRANT.

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