Why Did I Choose Laurel?

Why did I choose to use Laurel Whole Plant Organics in my treatments and my own daily care rituals.

For years now I have dreamed of providing treatments using preparations made with not only organic plants, but plants that have been minimally processed and are at their most vital and therefore potent state. Like the food we eat, we get the most health benefits when the ingredients are fresh, unproccesed and with no unnecessary additives, in the case of skin care, fillers, emulsifiers and preservatives.

I toyed with the idea of making my own. I have have a good plant knowledge, but knew I would need more than this to formulate preparations. But my real concern was being able to source the highest quality raw plant material, I didn't want of the shelf ingredient that many natural and organic formulators use. I wanted vibrant, vital plants that weren’t only organically farmed with integrity and sustainability, but would provide the potent life force of the plant that would imbue the preparations with highest efficacy, making them truly natural and wholly effective.
I had to accept that this was beyond my ability, but I was convinced it was possible, so my search began.

After what felt like a very long time I came across a herbalist who was doing just exactly what I’d dreamed of. Her name was Laurel Shaffer, her plant knowledge was incredible, she had passion and love for what she was creating and at the heart of it all was her commitment to sourcing the highest quality, organically grown, medicinal plants, direct from the growers themselves.

She was using 100% organic, ethical, sustainable and locally sourced plants. She had spent several years developing strong, personal relationships with the local organic artisan farm producers, to ensure that she only used plants of the highest potency in their raw, unrefined, whole plant state to produce vibrant effective preparations. She was using her knowledge of plants and science, eliminating all unnecessary fillers and processed ingredients to produce pure effective skin care.

I was so excited I had found someone who was doing exactly what I had dreamed of. But my excitement turned to disappointment when I realised that Laurel, whose herbal apothecary studio in Northern California, didn’t have a UK distributor and only sold her preparations in the US.

It took me a while, but I eventually decided I needed to investigate if it was possible for me to bring these delicious preparations direct from Laurel’s studio to my treatment room, an indeed to the UK. So to cut a long story short I now import Laurel Whole Plant Organics myself so I can share their incredible power and uniqueness with you.

I’m so delighted to be able to use in my treatments and share with my beautiful clients, Laurel; 100% Whole Plant Organic Skincare made with raw, unrefined whole plants without unnecessary fillers, preservatives or processed ingredients, to deliver highly effective and luxurious products that support and nurture the skin in the most effective and beneficial way.

The Laurel skincare line is a truly pioneering range of preparations. She has taken plant science to a new level. She hasn’t allowed herself to be constrained by the expectations of the conventional cosmetic industry and instead has approached her craft by looking at what the incredible plant world has to offer and how she can harness their unique, natural and medicinal properties in the most natural beneficial way, to produce skincare that is truly beautifully effective and utterly natural. Her products are handmade to order, to ensure peek freshness.

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