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This month purchase the gorgeous Laurel Homey Berry Mask and receive a complimentary luscious Laurel Lip Treatment.

Honey Berry Mask is incredibly hydrating, plumping, brightening and mildly exfoliating from its raw active enzymes. It’s suitable for all skin types, easy to use and leaves you with a fresh glow!

An enzyme exfoliant isn’t a product that people would typically associate with use in the summer, but it is a real superfood for skin at this time of year. The raw organic wild flower honey is super fresh and potent and contains incredible healing and soothing powers during the summer season. Additionally, with its abundance of organic dark antioxidant rich berries like aronia, blackberry and raspberry, whose flavonoids aid in strengthening our skin against UV induced oxidative stress.

The honey and berries are combined with papaya seed, organic grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils and blended with macadamia nut oil and cranberry seed oil, to come together to provide a mask that is not only deeply nourishing bu will make your skin radiant with life. This Whole Organic Plant food mask is formulated to give you a healthy glowing complexion.

Honey Berry Mask is a favourite of so many. Smells like balmy summer in a glass jar, it protects, repairs and strengthens helping prevent further damage.

It’s a luxurious and decadent ritual perfect for some relaxing selfcare.


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