My Holistic Philosophy

I was drawn to natural beauty and holistic health practices from a need to feel connected with our natural world. In my skin care practice I use gentle, rhythmical touch, traditional holistic beauty techniques and organic whole-plant preparations to stimulate activity within the skin, rejuvenate the face, relax and de-stress mind and body.

Using my years of experience I tailor treatments to meet the needs of each individual, whether it be a teenager with congested, acne skin, someone experiencing difficult conditions such as rosacea, concerns with ageing or simply the need to relax and unwind.
I have a three-fold philosophy for achieving healthy radiant skin.

1. Natural Organic Whole-Plant Preparations

Our skin is alive, lifeless chemicals can not give life and vibrancy to it. Plant nutrients are so powerful for supporting the healthy ageing of our body as a whole. As with the vitality of the foods we eat, the vitality of the products we apply to our skin supports our vital energy, essential for healthy skin-body functioning.
So often I see skincare that boasts a whole array of vitamin, antioxidant and protein ingredient, but usually these are synthetic, lab manufactured forms of these ingredients, that our body and skin simply can not utilise and actually place a burden of toxicity. The whole plants used in Laurel Whole Plant Organics, are bursting with phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, as well as the essential co-factors needed for our skin to absorb and use to full effect, supporting our skins microbiome, stimulating collagen and elastin formation, repairing, healing and detoxifying, helping us to achieve healthy glowing, vibrant skin what ever age we are.

2. Treatments

Hands on treatments are vital in supporting effective skin healing and vibrant ageing. Regular treatments using principles of lymph stimulation and Gua Sha, promote flow of stagnant waste, support collagen and elastin production, tone and firm the muscles of the the face, visibly reducing lines and puffiness, supporting the skins inherent ability to heal and imbuing the skin with a natural glow. When more aggressive approaches such as chemical peels etc are used, they have an effect on not just the dead cells on the surface of our skin but the living skin cells too. When we 'attack' these cells, messages are sent, setting up a whole wave of inflammatory reactions that inhibits healthy cell functioning (including elastin and collagen production) and that ultimately leads to accelerated ageing over time.

3. Diet and Nutrition

As a nutritionist it’s no surprise that I believe what we eat not only has an impact on our overall health but is crucial when it comes to achieving a healthy radiant complexion. Feeding the skin from within with the essential building blocks, is where it all begins. Food is one of the most powerful tools we have, a healthy, balanced, plant rich diet, with good quality protein, that supplies vital nutrients, will support a healthy body and mind and help you achieve a truly luminous complexion.

4. Healthy balanced lifestyle

Our lifestyle choices have an impact on our physical health, our emotional wellbeing and appearance of our skin. By making mindful choices with regards to nutrition and exercise, drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated from within, getting quality sleep, taking time to relax and recharge, we can support the functioning and integrity of our skin and indeed our general health and wellbeing.
I believe it’s about finding balance, doing things in moderation rather than extremes. That little glass of wine or your favourite chocolate, don’t need to be avoided altogether, they’re good for the soul, enjoying them in moderation as part of your healthy balanced approach to life brings a joy all of its own!