Acne Programme

Acne Programme

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This is a holistic programme for those affected by acne, achieve balanced happy skin by supporting the entire body for health and vitality. Acne is not simply a skin condition, our skin is a ‘window’ to what is going on internally and therefore taking a whole body approach, real change can be achieved.

This programme aims to support not only the skin from an external perspective but the other body systems that are implicated in the development and progression of acne, such as the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, the liver and the detox and eliminatory processes and the endocrine system (hormones).

The precise mechanisms of acne are still not fully understood, but we do know that as well as our genetic makeup, a complex interaction of various hormones, bacteria and inflammation are all at play. We can’t change the genes we are born with but we can affect how those genes are expressed or activated. Through the scientific study of the human genome we now know that the foods we eat have a profound affect on how our genes are expressed. This is key to understanding how food can affect the development of acne, why some people can eat certain foods with no ill affects and why some can’t. 

Conventional Treatment
Conventional topical acne treatments are often very harsh for skin that is already in quite a fragile state. Stripping oils and aggressive exfoliation whether manual or chemical, disrupt our lipid barrier, the first line of defence against pathogens, environmental elements and pollution. Interfering with this essential outer layer leaves our skin unprotected giving rise to further inflammation and the sebaceous glands going in to over drive to replace the lost oils.

This outer layer is also home to a diverse microbiome, which prevents single strains of bacteria from becoming dominant. When we ‘wipe’ it out with harsh ingredients or topical antibiotics, we leave our skin more vulnerable to infection.

The medications that are often prescribed for acne and can include antibiotics, these can disrupt our gut microbiota causing imbalances that affect not only our general health, but can actually worsen acne after discontinuation. Accutane another commonly prescribed oral medication comes with a very long list of side effects. 

Treating Acne Holistically
By treating the skin with care and consciousness, using gentle plant medicine to cleanse and remove dead skin cells and surface dirt without disrupting our lipid barrier or removing the beneficial bacteria, the skin can regain balance.

The lymphatic system, is the system responsible for removing metabolic waste and toxins from the tissues of the body. The slow steady movement of lymph beneath our skin's surface can easily become stagnant, leading to a build up of cellular waste and in turn inflammation, often resulting in a range of imbalances. 

Movement is the key to health. Gently stimulating movement of lymph first within the entire body and then specifically on and around the face, supports toxin removal and aids decongestion within the face. subtle rolling, pumping and wave-like movements, gently stimulate the lymph system, supporting the efficient removal of cellular waste, creating space for fresh nutrient delivery and tissue strengthening.

Using preparations made with medicinal herbal plants with a long history of calming inflammation and supporting skin healing, this treatment will help the skin to regulate, heal and restore balance.

A full consultation will help determine which areas and body systems require to be supported, we are all unique and it will be different for each person. Together we will discuss your individual needs, we will look at any dietary and lifestyle changes that would be beneficial and if there are any nutrient deficiencies that need addressed.

What’s Included
1x 2hour 40 min appointment
5x 1 hour 45min appointments
Laurel Skincare home products
Individual Nutrition  and Supplement (where required) plan

Initial full health consultation to determine areas of the body requiring support and a Plant-Assisted Detox Facial.

I will then put together your individual programme with nutrition plan (foods to include and any foods that should be avoided), recipe and meal plan suggestions.

You will be given instructions for a daily home care plan and a full size set of Laurel Skincare products (Cleanser, Elixir, treatment Serum approx value £200 and 1 sample size)

A further 5 Plant-Assisted Detox Facial treatments taken at 2-3 weekly intervals, where we will also discuss progress, any difficulties and readjust nutrition and supplement plan where required.  


For those unable to visit in person for facial treatments, please get in touch to discuss online support programme.