Laurel Almond Rose Exfoliant

Laurel Almond Rose Exfoliant

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Almond Rose Exfoliant

Hydrating Nutrients

  • All Skin Types
  • 100% Whole Plant Organic
  • 9 Beneficial Active Ingredients
  • 50ml

This gentle manual Almond Rose Exfoliant: Hydrating Nutrients doubles as an intensely hydrating and nourishment rich mask. Gentle grain exfoliators remove dull, dead skin while roots and petals infuse with hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants to reveal a soft, plump and dewy glow.

Almond Rose Exfoliant is a bit of an unsung hero. Its ingredients are minimalist, but this allows the quality and potency of the plants to really shine. The combination of both Oats and Almonds is ideal because it provides both water-based nutrition like B Vitamins and oil-based nutrition like Vitamin E.

While most manual exfoliants can scratch or be too aggressive for delicate facial skin, Almonds and Oats are incredibly soft and gentle making this exfoliant beneficial for all skin types and symptoms. Marshmallow gives this mask a unique gelatinous quality when water is added, and it offers intense hydration by mimicking the action of hyaluronic acid.

Locally farmed heirloom Rose petals bring Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and other beneficial polyphenols to this well balanced blend of plants. And most notably, this mask also contains Nettle, a gorgeous sustainable superfood. Nettle contains essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are all essential building blocks for skin health.

How to Use
Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon Almond Rose Exfoliant into a small dish and trickle in a little water to make a thick paste. Allow to steep and thicken for several minutes.

Don't be tempted to rush this step, the longer the Almond Rose powder steeps the more activated the ingredients become and the greater the benefits to your skin. 

For an extra creamy consistency add one pump of Support Cleanser or Effortless Cleanser. This extra step makes for a luxurious texture and ease of application.

Warm and dampen skin with a muslin cloth or face cloth. Press and gently smooth this paste onto skin. You can leave it on the skin for 10-20 minutes (keep mask hydrated with water throughout, by spritzing on water or using hands to pat water on to skin) allowing he skin to absorb the rich beneficial nutrients, or you can go straight to very gently 'pressing and rolling' the paste over the face working from the centre of the forehead out, down the nose and out across the cheeks and chin. Follow with Elixir and Serum.

Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Use within 6 months of opening and within 1 year from the manufacture date, which is noted on the bottom of the jar. Keep jar dry and free of contaminants.


My Morning Ritual
I like to get the most out of the deeply hydrating and plumping nutrients contained in this delicious scented product so like to leave on for as long as possible. But mornings can be busy so it needs to fit in easily with my routine.

The first thing I do when I get up before anything else, is mix the dry powder and allow it to steep for several minutes. 

I then I prepare my face by holding a lightly wrung out muslin cloth over my face for a few seconds and repeating. I apply the mask then step in the shower, leaving the 'press and roll' to the end of my shower before finally rinsing to remove.


Note From Laurel
Science: Hyaluronic Acid, B Vitamins and Polysaccharides! These are some popular isolates for hydrating the skin. Lucky for us, they can all be found in plants (or in the case of Hyaluronic, its botanical counterpart). These hydrating compounds are often incredibly concentrated in many grains, roots, and petals. Ingredients like those found in this Exfoliant: Oats, Marshmallow, and Rose Petals are all ones that are truly beyond compare for their ability to thoroughly hydrate the skin.

Almonds and Oats – Biodynamic® and California farmed, these ingredients gently exfoliate without drying or being too harsh on delicate skin. They soften skin and hydrate as well as moisturise.

Rose – Our vibrant heirloom Rose petals are grown exclusively for us by a California farm. Their vibrancy and antioxidant content are palpable. Rose is a powerful hydrating humectant and visibly plumps and regenerates the skin. Constituents like B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and gallic acid are all found in Rose petals.

Nettle – A superfood like no other, Nettle leaf is incredibly rich in hundreds of plant constituents like vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K; minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium; and polyphenol compounds to nourish cells with every possible building block to support each aspect of healthy skin functioning. Nettle is a tonic herb, which means it has the ability to powerfully shift health by nutrient delivery.
Pubmed 4708629

Chamomile – Our artisan farmed, hand picked Chamomile flowers are soothing, softening, and calming to the skin. Chamomile is cooling and astringent, leaving behind a clear even-toned complexion.

Marshmallow – Marshmallow is a root to love. Its mucilaginous hydrating properties put hyaluronic acid to shame. It deeply hydrates, soothes, and visibly plumps the skin. It contains standout constituents like Betaine, B Vitamins, Quercetin, Ferulic Acid, and Polysaccharides. This plant has an affinity for water friendly tissue like fascia, and can help with stagnation in those connective tissues.

Full Ingredient List: Biodynamic® Almonds˚, Oats˚, Chamomile Flowers˚, Nettle Leaves˚, Rose Petals˚, Red Clover˚, Marshmallow Root˚; Essential Oils of Rose˚, Rose Geranium˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient