Essential Holistic Facial

Essential Holistic Facial

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My Holistic facials are tailored to your unique needs. Crafted with symptom-specific botanicals to remedy a wide range of imbalances and provide the skin with everything it needs to remain vibrantly healthy, no matter your age or skin type.

Perhaps you are looking to transform dull, tired and dehydrated skin into glowing, bright and healthy skin. Using unprocessed raw whole plants that contain every vitamin, mineral and enzyme imaginable, to reduce stagnation and restore life for vibrant ageing. With nutrient dense superfoods such as nettle leaf, cranberry seed, jasmine and calendula flowers cells are nourishment for optimal skin wellness.

Or perhaps your skin is irritated and sensitive, your skin is fragile and in need of strengthening or you have a damaged lipid barrier in need of soothing repair. Heirloom roses, reishi mushrooms, marshmallow root and pomegranate seed will reduce redness, puffiness and irritation of all kinds providing deep hydration and soothing relief.

Have your Sun Goddess tendencies taken their toll on your skin? Whether healing sunburn or brightening years of hyperpigmentation and sun damage, a gentle approach with plants rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and anthocynanins found working synergistically together in whole plants brighten, nourish and repair, preventing further oxidative damage from occurring. 

Camu Camu, rosehip, sea buckthorn and calendula deliver beneficial and visible results that can be seen after just one treatment. Hyperpigmentation, scarring, and sun damage, can all be addressed to  brighten and even skin tone, reducing inflammation and strengthening connective tissue.

With a gentle and mindful connection to the skin, all Holistic Facials include the deeply relaxing lymphatic stimulation. Gentle rolling, pumping and wave-like movements send an impulse to the lymph system, encouraging the removal of waste to decongest the skin.

This creates space within the tissues for oxygen and nutrients to support and strengthen our skin functions, reducing puffiness, dullness and stagnation all of which age the skin prematurely, to reveal vibrant healthier skin. 

Rather than a treatment menu, I ask you to choose the desired treatment time and trust that your facial will be tailored to your skins needs. 

New clients are asked to book 1 hour 30 mins for an initial appointment to allow for a thorough consultation, which is accompanied by a mineral and herbal foot soak to enhance relaxation.