Restorative Heirloom Rose Ritual

Restorative Heirloom Rose Ritual

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This luxurious facial experience harnesses the beauty and power of Rose in every step. It includes Laurel Skin's new Hydration Compound: Roots and Roses and every single preparation has Rose at its heart.
Roses are a nutritional treasure chest for the skin, containing all the major ingredients to deeply restore skin health, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, anthocyanin, polyphenols, gallic acid and a whole host of antioxidants.

Roses strengthen and build our skin's barrier and due to their high vitamin C content support production and preservation of collagen. These delicate petals firm and and tighten the skin, in addition to providing optimal hydration and protection.

The Restorative Heirloom Rose Ritual begins with a hydrating cleanse using Rose infused compresses and featuring a rare White Rose oil, followed by an exfoliating and nourishing treatment with California Heirloom Rose petals. The skin will be hydrated with a California Rose Hydrosol mist before a deeply restorative Rose petal face mask is applied.

After my signature Lymphatic Stimulation to encourage deep tissue cleansing, we finish with ample hydration and moisture supplied by the very limited edition Hydration Compound: Roots + Roses, a Laurel serum and the silkiest of balms rich in rare White Rose.

Roses are associated with our heart center because they invoke love, compassion and nurturing. They provide us with a deeper level of self love and acceptance.

Rose magnifies unconditional love and tenderness. One of the best flowers for healing the heart, Rose cools the temper and triggers forgiveness, healing emotional wounds and scars. It softens our hard edges and enhances compassion and empathy.

This luxurious treatment is for Rose lovers looking to restore balance to mind and body while imbuing the skin with glowing vibrancy, what ever their age.

I'm offering the 2 hour Restorative Heirloom Rose Ritual for the special price of £80 and due to the limited nature of the preparations used, it is available for the months of June and July only.