Signature Facial Experience

Signature Facial Experience

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Although a facial, my Signature Facial Experience, is a holistic wellness treatment, a nurturing and deeply restorative experience for skin, body and soul. It leads to a deep sense of relaxation, giving you a feeling of complete wellbeing and inner balance. 

My intention is to guide you towards a quiet space of inner calm, soothing a busy mind to reduce stress and tension within the body as whole.

Touch is at the heart of my Treatment
I use a gentle flowing touch, with mindful, rhythmical movements to restore balance, harmony and vitality to the skin. By gently 'meeting' the skin, the tissues beneath are encouraged to release, relieving tension in the muscles and fascia and releasing blockages and stagnation within in the lymphatic system.

Fascia Release
Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, muscle and nerve fibre in the body and face in place. Restrictions or adhesions in the fascia, caused by repetitive movements, posture, dehydration, tension and stress or nutrient deficiencies can impact the internal structures of the skin leading to the development of lines, wrinkles and a general ‘pulling downwards’ creating sagging of the skin.

Slow, gentle fascia release, relaxes tension within the muscles releasing 'stuck' fascia to improve skin suppleness. 

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced and youthful plumpness is restored to the skin. These slow refined movements encourage better circulation for improved nutrient and oxygen delivery and stimulate cells called fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. This results in a softening and smoothing of lines and creates subtle lift of the facial tissues, for firmer more toned and lifted facial features. 

The overall effect is refreshed and lifted facial features with a revitalised glowing appearance.

Lymphatic Stimulation
Our lymph system plays an important role in the removal of metabolic waste products and excess fluid in the tissues. The lymph capillaries are wafer thin and extremely permeable to allow waste matter to easily defuse through. But this permeability also means that the waste is vulnerable to leaking back out in to the tissues if too much pressure is applied, causing puffiness, inflammation and breakouts. 

With an intricate understanding of the lymphatic system, I use gentle rolling, pumping and wave-like movements combined with softly sweeping brush strokes, to encourage lymphatic flow in the right direction to release blockages, collect and gather waste matter, encouraging the safe removal of waste to decongest the skin.

This in turn creates space within the tissues for fresh nutrients to support and strengthen skin functions. Puffiness, dullness, stagnation and congestion are reduced and brighter, vibrant healthier skin is revealed. 

Our skin has an inherent intelligence, a natural rhythm that can get lost or overwhelmed by our busy modern lives. This treatment is respectful and supportive of these rhythms, gently guiding the skin towards a place of wellness. Taking you on a journey to feeling at home and comfortable in your skin, celebrating your unique beauty.

Abundant Harvest
During this experience your skin is treated to the supportive and healing plant medicine from the Laurel
Abundant Harvest professional line. This allows me to blend unique, individual treatment masks and herbal compress infusions to take your skin on a healing and restorative journey with organic Leaves, Petals, Fruits and Roots.

With careful consideration of what is most supportive for your current presenting skin symptoms, I am able to combing fresh, raw plants apothecary-style. The potent, nutrient dense treatment masks combined with comforting, warm infusion compresses, provide a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are immediately bioavailable for skin health and repair.


Where we Begin
The experience opens with a warming and relaxing herbal salt foot soak, stress and tension melt away, before moving to the treatment bed for an optional gentle rhythmical back and shoulder massage, to release tension within the muscles and fascia, promote relaxation and stimulate the entire lymphatic system.

By awakening and stimulating movement within the entire body, particularly in the neck, shoulders and head, the flow of lymph and release of fascia in the connective tissues and muscles of the face will be more effective.

This is followed by gentle stretching and massage to legs and arms, again stimulating the lymphatic system. Deeply nourishing organic whole plant serums and balms are applied to feet and hands as you begin to relax and drift into a state of blissful peace.

While you rest your face is deeply cleansed, breathe deeply, inhale the subtle herby aromas of the specifically chosen plants in your warm muslin compress. Mild and very gentle exfoliation removes only the dead skin cells without disturbing the cells still within their life cycle. Your unique face mask is carefully applied and if your still awake, feel the soothing caress of the lymph stimulating brushes.

Finally a deeply hydrating Elixir is misted over the face providing botanical hyaluronic, an abundance of water soluble nutrients such as vitamins C and B complex and a variety of polysaccharides before antioxidant rich Serum and Balm are applied to replenish and protect the skin.

The Signature Facial is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. Your mind will be calmed and your skin will have a renewed vibrancy. 

Regular treatments support the natural ageing process, lifting and firming facial tissue and muscles, reducing fine lines, promoting collagen production for balanced facial form. 

2 hours 

2 hours 15 minutes with back massage