Signature Lift, Tone and Firm Facial

Signature Lift, Tone and Firm Facial

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The Signature Facial is a treat for body, skin and soul, it leads to a deep sense of relaxation, giving you a feeling of complete wellbeing and inner balance. The advanced fascia massage can refresh and lift the face, restoring plumpness and smoothing lines.

This transformative facial experience restores balance and proper functioning of the skin internally and externally. It begins with a warming and relaxing herbal foot bath, before moving to the treatment bed for a gentle rhythmical back and shoulder massage to release tension within the fascia, promote relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system, the system responsible for removing metabolic waste and toxins from the tissues of the body. 

By gently stimulating movement within the entire body, particularly in the neck, shoulder and head, the flow of lymph and release and connection of fascia in the connective tissues and muscles of the face will be more effective.

This is followed by gentle stretching and massage to legs and arms, again stimulating the lymphatic system, deeply nourishing balms are applied to feet and hands as you gently relax and drift into a state of blissful peace.

Using the luxurious 100% organic Laurel Skin preparations to deeply nourish, the treatment is tailored to each individuals particular needs. Warm herbal compresses prepare the skin for gentle yet thorough cleansing, with very gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells but maintain the integrity of the acid mantle to support healthy skin barrier function.

The flow of lymph is gently stimulated to encourage movement of metabolic waste and toxins from the skin this creates space for fresh oxygen and beneficial nutrients to nourish and feed the skin from within. A brighter more vibrant complexion is revealed.

Using fascia massage techniques to relax tension within the muscles and release 'stuck' fascia to improve skin suppleness. This not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but restores a youthful plumpness to the skin. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin, creating subtle lift of the facial tissues, for firmer more toned and lifted facial features.

A treatment masks will be chosen especially for you, to support the skin whether it needs, soothed, hydrated, detoxified, or if you have hyperpigmentation or sensitive skin. The treatment is completed with specially chosen Laurel Skin Elixir, Serum and Balm.

The Signature Facial is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. Your mind will be calmed and your skin will have a renewed vibrancy. Regular treatments support the natural ageing process, lifting and firming facial tissue and muscles, reducing fine lines, promoting collagen production for balanced facial form.

2 hours, 15 minutes.